Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Crafts: Last Installment (probably)

Alrighty, here are a few more fun Halloween crafts the buddy and I have been up to.

These were a lot of fun, but quick. His favorite part was probably the googly eyes. He LOVES googly eyes.

I found the idea at blessedmommyblessedwife. You can find her fun idea here.  

We can't get enough of the spiders. This one would have been better if I hadn't used the hot glue gun. They're weren't too many things the buddy could do because most of it involved the hot glue gun. Next time we  will just be patient and wait for normal glue to dry :) He has had a blast playing with them after we were done though. This one I didn't use a tutorial for, I just made it up as we went. 

The buddy had the most fun drawing the face with markers on this one. And surprisingly he didn't want to use googly eyes (must have known skeletons don't have eyes!) This time we used elmers glue! Find the fun link to do this at Andiland here.

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