Friday, September 28, 2012

Freebie Friday: B&W Halloween Banner

Okay, so first, sorry about the long hiatus. I think summer just isn't my time of year for blogging. It has been a crazy summer though. We spent the summer house hunting and finally moved into our new house when I was eight months pregnant. Number three was born last week and once things normalize I will be back. But I haven't stopped crafting and oh how many things have started piling up to be blogged about! It's making me crazy. But while sweet number three is still sleeping constantly I've had a little time to put up Halloween decorations. I Loooooooove the fall and decorating for Halloween, and Thanksgiving. So, I just needed a Halloween banner. I wanted to just do some fun patterns, but didn't feel satisfied with the scrapbook paper options I had on hand. So I decided to make my own! I didn't want to use a ton of ink doing a full color print though . . . so a black and white pattern was born  . . . that could be printed with colored paper to still get my need for bright colors in there. I love the different vibe each color produces. Both my kids noticed the banner as soon as they woke up this morning. The little buddy wanted to know whose birthday it was! Happy celebrating!

Get the printable pdf here.


Alicia Smith said...

Now this is a printable that me and my boring black and white printable can agree on. Thanks for sharing!

Alicia Smith said...

2nd "printable" a.k.a printer :)

Mira Edorra said...

I love your blog!!It is fantastic!
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