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Monday, April 25, 2011

Eggs & Sewing

I kinda dropped the ball this weekend. So many ideas so little time! So, I apologize for not so much as a "hi" on Friday. This is what I've been up to:

Coloring Eggs: Family tradition dictates we have to do it on Good Friday. It's one of my favorite Easter Traditions.

This year the buddy really got into it: these are his beautiful creations:

I love this one:  He put it in every color. I think it looks like a chalkboard.

And then I finished the sweeties Easter dress. I ended up following a Kwik Sew for Toddlers book rather than the original pattern I posted after finding out it only contained the 6 month size. oops. But this one works too. It's a tad big-but she'll grow into the 12 month size eh?

and made her a little rose bud head band to go with it

(and then Sunday morning sewed some of the extra lace onto her socks too).

I also let the buddy pick out the fabric for a tie I made using this tutorial on icandyhandmade. I wanted to do a pink one to match the sweetie, but he insisted on green. (I still snuck a little pink on the back. . . and then he proceeded to chew on his tie all through church . . . boys will be boys I guess).

Last but not least I decided last minute to sew myself a circle skirt as well following this tutorial on from MADE. I even dyed the elastic. See? The week was crazy, but Easter ended up being really really good. And that's what matters right? I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend as well!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

already tuesday?

This month is seriously flying by. Sorry about the lack of posts.  Some easy fleece hats we made yesterday with monograms. I used this Martha Stewart tutorial, which I must say was more confusing than helpful. But it gave measurements and that's mostly what I needed anyway. The little buddy helped me paint on the monograms (we just used acrylic paint)-the gifts are from him after all. If I'd had freezer paper like I thought I had it would have been more helpful. I planned to do freezer paper stencils, but when I pulled out the freezer paper I realized I'd bought parchment paper instead. Alas. I hot glue gunned them on-letting the glue dry for a few second before pressing it on. It didn't work great-some parts were all the way cool and didn't stick, other parts were too hot and I had to cut them off with my exacto knife. But, they're alright, and the little buddy loves his! I used grenouille font in caps at 400 pt in word-made them outlines and cut them out-which, again would have been perfect as a freezer paper stencil. 

Monday, July 19, 2010

blessing dress

This is my blessing dress. My mom made it. She also made my wedding dress. (someday maybe I'll post a picture). She's amazing. With the sweet little ones arrival fast approaching I'm thinking about blessing dresses. Should I make one? Should I buy one? Should I find a vintage one at the thrift store? Or should I just use mine? It is starting to yellow at the top a bit, I need to to do something about that. I just am feeling indecisive about the whole thing. Any suggestions?


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