Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sunshine Wreath

I have to credit the little buddy with this creation. It's true. He came upstairs yesterday with a bunch of broken sticks in his hand and said "he need to build somethin'" Immediatley I remembered seeing this wreath on Delia Creates last year. I loved it, but between all the rain we'd been getting and a 1 month old, I wasn't trekking out to gather sticks.

But this year it was fun. We went on a "stick hunt" and found a bunch of sticks, and scraped a lot of dead bark off and then sat on the sun soaked back steps to start making our "sun."

That lovely sun soon turned into an oven and then the buddy lost interest helping, and ran off to play in the yard, and of course I ran out of sticks and had to persuade the buddy to go on another stick hunt. Back at the porch I heard the sweetie crying--awake from her morning nap. Several glue sticks later, I had the sticks all glued on, and the sticks the sweetie had stepped on glued back on. We went inside for lunch.

I finally went and checked Delia's blog to see how she'd done her wreath-obviously mine was a bit different, but I decided I didn't want it to be a Halloween one as much as a festival fall one. So I added rosettes instead of painting it black. I've never been able to master the rosette before. Every attempt (like 2) have always ended in failure. It's true. But my sister had given me the cutest rosette clip for the little sweetie and so I called her and she walked me through it (here is her online tutorial). Being able to ask her my questions rather than trying to follow a tutorial helped this time. Anyway, I clipped off some little orange twiggy things from some garland I have and wala, I'm so excited about how it turned out! The little buddy told me this morning "I really like your sun! What are we going to put in the middle?" I told him we could put his face :) He didn't think that was a good idea.

Moral of story:
1.  Don't sit in the hot early autumn sun to glue your branches on (the glue doesn't really set well).
2.  Do it when the kids are in bed if at all possible (except the stick hunt of course).
3.  Have an awesome sister to walk you through the tutorial.

*UPDATE: After lots of comments and requests on and off the blog, I've decided to sale some already made wreaths. They are fairly simple to make (although the rosettes are a little tricky) but time consuming. From gathering to finished product takes 4-5 hours. So I've priced them accordingly. If you would like to purchase rather than make one, you can find them at my other etsy shop:

Thanks for all your kind words!


Life with the Ellwoods said...

This is precious! I love the different textures and elements! Great job!

Sarah said...

Love this! I totally want to make it. I've been wanting a Fall wreath. Thanks for the great idea! --too bad we can't do a Tues Craft Morning together :(

*EVANS FAM* said...

LOVE it laur! sooo cute! ur usually the one to help me, so I was honored to help ya out, even though i didn't really help ya much ;) I want to make one! Did you just use a hot glue gun?

Denise Rose said...

So cute! I am going to gather some sticks. What kind of glue did you use and also, is that two layers of cardboard that you glued it to? Thanks for the inspiration!

Jen Kesler said...

So pretty!

Summer said...

Beautiful wreath! I'll be featuring it on my blog tomorrow!



Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

I featured you today on my blog! Here is the link:


Thanks for the inspiration!

Lisa said...

LOVE IT. Beautiful, simple and creative.

Amy @ Positively Splendid said...

So gorgeous! I loved this so much, I shared it in my Saturday Seven lineup this weekend! http://www.positivelysplendid.com/2011/10/saturday-seven-no-26.html

Gillian said...

really neat! definitely going to try this, maybe with different colors for winter? by the time i get it done fall will be long over! Thanks : )

Kerry_Kid Giddy said...

I don't love wreaths all that much...but I LOVE this one! Great job!

Jennifer Reed said...

Great tutorial! I just made this for my front entrance; I love the earthiness it brings to my turquoise door.

Jess @ Spool and Spoon said...

I saw this on Pinterest and instantly fell in love. I just ordered a bunch of paper straws from pick your plum and I'm going to incorporate them into a wreath somewhat like this. AND your little rosettes are to die for. Love this :) New follower!!

Alicia @ littlesprinklesoffun said...

WOW! I LOVE THIS! I love that I can you up some of those dead tree branches that I have in my backyard!
Thanks so much for sharing! :)

Dana said...

Stopping by from Tip Junkie - I love, love, love this wreath and am in the process of making one myself. :) Thank you for the inspiration and I'll link back from my blog when I post pictures. New follower! :)

Infarrantly Creative said...

Love this and the reason behind how it came to be! Every project tells a story and this is a perfect one!~

Http://whatmeeganmakes.com said...

Oh my, I ust love this wreath! I am sharing it on my blog as one of my fave pins of the week on my blog and facebook :)
I am also your newest follower :)
Make it a great weekend!

Arichgirl said...

Love the wreath and love the color on the door. Do you know what color you used on the door?

Donna said...

I love this wreath!! So much so, I used the idea as inspiration for my own fall/holiday wreath. I have pics and a shout out to you on my blog at http://with2hands4you.blogspot.com/2012/10/craft-project-fall-into-holidays-wreath.html. Thanks for the great idea!!

SweetPepperRose said...

Hi, just stumbled across your blog - love this wreath! Love that you upcycled some cardboard and used sticks - it's super cute!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE how your wreath turned out. I am working on a new wreath for Fall and I wanted to share your gorgeous wreath on my blog with my readers. I'd love for you to stop by sometime! Thanks for being such an inspiration!



Donna Wagoner said...

I was thinking this could be made with pencils for a teacher. Maybe a little smaller though so it wouldn't take so many of them. Or maybe mix pencils and twigs? What do you think?


J's mom said...

Just stopping by to let you know I featured this project on this round-up
http://diycraftyprojects.com/2012/11/50-yes-fifty-fall-wreath-ideas-and-inspiration.html :)

Feel free to grab a featured button from my side bar.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this wreath! I might give it a try this Fall!


Panier de Zazou said...

Superbe cette idée. Je l'ai mise dans ma sélection Pinterest concernant les couronnes de noël :D. tu peux voir l'article ici: http://www.panierdezazou.com/mon-choix-pinterest-les-couronnes-de-noel/ Merci de l'avoir partagée avec nous! A plus.

Victoria Burke said...

I love this! I am going to start picking up sticks while taking my son to school to do this little project for my front door. It is gorgeous!

Jami said...

This is so totally adorable! Thank you for sharing :D

Karren Haller said...

Oh My Heart----I love your wreath, it is really unique and I ofthose flowers and could make this kind wreath. Just beautiful!!

I would love to have you share your creation and other links love at #OMHGFF
Friday Feature-Linky-Party
Have a beautiful week, Karren

Victoria Hannley said...

Hi, I'd like to feature your wreath on my website www.dazzlewhilefrazzled.com. I'm putting together a collection of fall-like outdoor wreath ideas.

Mandy Goldman said...

Hi, this wreath is awesome- its so unique! So I know you posted this years ago, and my chances of getting a reply are slim, but I have to try! My sister really wants me to make this for her. So I'm trying, but I'm a little stuck! I made my twigs 10 inches around, but after I'm laying it out, I feel like its too big- what size did you make your twigs to be? If you could please assist I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!


Mandy Goldman said...

Hi, this wreath is awesome- its so unique! So I know you posted this years ago, and my chances of getting a reply are slim, but I have to try! My sister really wants me to make this for her. So I'm trying, but I'm a little stuck! I made my twigs 10 inches around, but after I'm laying it out, I feel like its too big- what size did you make your twigs to be? If you could please assist I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!


Lauralee said...

Hi Mandy! My sticks are about 9 inches long and the entire wreath is 24 inches wide. It does fill up the door well, but you could probably get away with a little bigger. Most doors are between 30 and 36 inches wide. Good luck!

Mandy Goldman said...

Did you put any type of hanging hook on there? I'm trying to figure that out

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