Welcome to yellowmums! Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Lauralee and I'm a mother to two beautiful children (the buddy, and little sweetie) and wife to "the hunny." I started this blog as a way to share the crafty things I was up to, and to document them for myself. I enjoy trying new crafts, and have a hard time doing the same craft over and over. My favorite things are oil painting, graphic design, and sewing, but as a DIY junkie I try lots of things.  I'm also pretty much in love with chocolate, thrifting and more thrifiting, and sunshine.

Why yellowmums? The name evolved from my love of the color yellow and the fact that I'm a mom (mum). Plus I like chrysanthemums.

Why do I do freebie fridays? For a couple of reasons: First, it's a way to commit myself to making a new design every week. (which as a mother first and foremost can be challenging). Second, I'm cheap thrifty, and so it's nice to have free things out there, especially well designed things. I like to contribute to that.  I feel like the blogging world is a great big community of talented people. We each have something to offer and I glean so much from each of you and your amazing ideas. Each of these wonderful ideas and projects are free, and I figure if design is the thing I can contribute I ought to do some of it free too.



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