Wednesday, December 14, 2011

preschooler made presents: tie tacks & pendants


The buddy is in a co-op preschool and I was lucky enough to teach the last lessons in December before they took a Christmas break. We made some fun presents for the parents. Tie tacks for Dad and a necklace pendant for Mom.

Each child got a little bit of sparkly grey sculpey clay to mash down (on a piece of aluminum foil) until it was thin.

They took turns cutting out a star shape with a small fondant cutter (probably about 1/2 inch across that's my hand not the kids)

Then they helped me stamp the first initial of their parents names in the star (I debated doing the child's name but decided against it).

I baked them according to the package instructions and then glued a tie tack backing, or a small circular ring to the back of them with E600 glue.

The thing I love the most about them is the little fingerprints left from the kids as they smashed the clay.


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Katie said...

How fun!

Where did you get your cookie cutter?


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