Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Old Stuff

Surprise! I do exist! Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to blogging. The actually moving part was crazy, but unpacking wasn't nearly as bad as I was dreading it to be (last time we moved I felt so overwhelmed I got a dizzy migraine and laid on the couch while my hunny unpacked most of the important stuff. . . I still feel guilty about it). But this time was much much better. Partly because we have a bigger house so we could move the boxes to more rooms. A small pile of boxes in each room is much more doable eh? Anyway, I'm sure you wanted to hear all about that. The real reason I haven't been blogging is that I haven't been doing anything crafty to blog about. Between summer and living close to family again, I really haven't had any time.

BUT, even if when not crafting I'm always up for some old stuff. I've always liked old stuff, but two weeks ago I went to a Relief Society Meeting, our churches women's group, and they were talking about family history and knowing who your ancestors were as people. I've heard it before but it really inspired me to get to know my ancestors as individuals with lives and feelings. One of  the girls talked about how she owns the dining room set that her great grandmother scrimped and saved for over a year to get. I thought it was so cool that it had been handed down to her! SO cool. But alas, I come from a long line of big families and I doubt I'll get anything like that.


So fast forward to this weekend we went out to visit my husbands parents and his grandmother. We were sitting there in the assisted living home talking to her and she mentioned this large painting on the wall that a local had painted of the family farm with her husband on his horse. She mentioned she was going to give the painting back to the lady who had painted it because none of her children wanted it (including my husband's mother). I just about jumped out of my seat shouting I wanted it!! Not really, but I was probably a little too eager. I probably came off greedy. Either way she seemed delighted that someone wanted it and I do!

Second cool old thing. I convinced the hunny to stop at the small town thrift store while we were out visiting his grandmother. We were behind schedule and it was exceedingly generous of him to drive around town with the two kids sleeping in the back seat while I ran in to peruse the goods. Not too many, but I did run in to a great stack of old patterns. I don't even usually look for patterns but they practically jumped out at me! So I bought them, and little framed mirror, a ceramic owl (I plan to spray paint black for Halloween) and a vintage sheet. But really I was excited about the patterns. How fun are these?


*EVANS FAM* said...

I love old stuff too. :) those patterns are cool. They remind me of the ones mom had growing up. I am so nostalgic and sentimental. hehe

Marisa said...

Welcome back! :)

Those patterns are SUCH a great find! I would pay top dollar for that little green polka dot dress. Wanna make it for me? I'll send you my measurements. ;)


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