Monday, June 27, 2011


We found out last Monday that we are moving! (across country no less) So this is what I've been doing like a crazy woman all week. I probably won't be around for another week or two much. But hopefully I'll have some fun things to share when it's all done!

Have a great Independence Day! If you didn't get my 4th of July Toppers last year they should still be there, but I'm also re-uploaded them to scribd. And you can get them there as well.



Marisa said...

Wow! Gotta love those last minute life changes. Good luck with the move!

Katie said...

Oh man. We just barely finished moving across the country and it is quite an ordeal! Best wishes!

Clay Delgado said...

You’ve done a pretty quick job in packing your stuff, for someone who’s only notified two weeks prior to the impending move. It seems like you brought most of your things with you. Where are you guys headed? I hope the move went well for you. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

Clay Delgado @ World Packaging


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