Thursday, June 9, 2011

Freebie Friday: Father's Day Folded Cards

Father's Day is coming up quick! Have you got a card yet? If not, grab one of these fun pop up cards.
Two options today: A simple pop up card that says "We are your biggest fans" on the front, and a cool spinning origami type pop card that says "You make the world go 'round" on the front. See a cool video of it in action here. Okay, I'll admit the spinning father's day card is not for the faint of heart. Just remember, dad's like cool gadgety things right? The hunny sure thought it was awesome anyway.

I can't take credit for the Spinning Father's Day Card. I found the master plan for it here. I probably should have made the circle one, but alas my brain has a hard time thinking in 3D and tonight wasn't the night for being extra technical. Get the printable here.

And finally a few visual instructions:

Cut card in half. Write or draw something fun on the inside center :

  Cut on blue lines.

Fold dotted lines as mountains and black solid lines as valleys being anal careful not to fold parts you shouldn't. The center gets really tricky. The "master plan" I copied suggested using tweezers in the center. Not a bad idea.

Wiggle and prod until it folds up correctly. It should spin around as it folds shut.See a video of it here.

The second card is a simple pop up card. Get it here. Definitely faster and easier but maybe not quite as cool!

A few visual instructions:

cut card and hand out:

Fold hand in half matching tabs:

fold card in half. Fold tabs on hand out:

Tape tabs to inside of card. (I used double stick tape, stuck one side on about an  inch out from center and then shut the whole thing to get the second tab in the right spot).


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