Thursday, May 19, 2011

Freebie Friday: Graduation Toppers

So my Freebie Friday's have been a little hit or miss lately, you probably noticed, eh?

It's been an entire year since I started the Freebie Friday posts. I'd kind of planned to give them up after a year. They are often quite time consuming and I'm trying to be better at prioritizing (hence the hit or miss-I do apologize).

But I don't feel ready to abandon them. I like having a little something germinating in my mind through out the week. It's the weeks when I'm too busy to have time to think about it, and then the late Thursday night scramble that isn't so fun. . . so with the new year (for freebie fridays) I plan to post them as often as I can, but I'm not promising they will be weekly. It's for fun right?

For today it's graduation toppers. Can't believe it's almost June!! I think they could be fun turned into badges, a big ribbon award, cupcake toppers of course, and with some fun bold colors or prints behind them they could even be fun for a kindergarten or joy school graduation eh? 

This is a simple strip of paper accordion folded and taped at the end. It's pretty easy-just use hot glue to secure it. (yeah tape doesn't work). 


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