Friday, April 8, 2011

Freebie Friday: Easter Circles/ Toppers

just imagine those marshmallows are cupcakes . . .

Cupcakes are an Easter tradition at my house.
Growing up my family had lots of Easter traditions, the best was going to the "easter park," a park which I didn't learn the real name of until I was out of the house. But we would go to this special park and have a picnic and spend the whole day playing together as a family. We always had cupcakes as part of our picnic. Chocolate cupcakes, with green frosting with coconut dyed green on top as "grass" with 3 jelly beans stuck on top. I made a variation last year per the honey's request. He hates coconut. Alas.

Anyway, if you read through all that sentimentality, I thought baby animals would be fun toppers to go under the "eggs" even though only the chick would lay an egg :) Long stretch I guess. I'm excited to use them though. Do you have a traditional cupcake as part of a holiday celebration? I'd love to hear about it . . . .

Get the Easter circles/cupcake toppers here. Enjoy!

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Sophie said...

oh ! Thank you very much, I love it !


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