Friday, April 29, 2011

Freebie Friday: Desk Labels

So I really wanted to do a fun Mother's Day printable but truth be told my brain is shot. The little sweetie is still waking up 2-5 times a night and my thinker just isn't thinking. I had no fun ideas. I did finally come up with a fun idea for the buddy to make--but it's not a printable. I'm going to have him paint on fabric and make it into a potholder. I'm sure it's been done before, but he'll like it. Hopefully the grandma's will like it, and if you like it you should do it too! I'll try to post a little tutorial if we get it done sooner than later. (With my zombie-like brain I make no promises).

Back to today's freebie: desk labels. 
I scored this awesome white desk off the side of the road a couple weeks ago and decided to move all my desk supplies out of the kitchen. hooray! But there wasn't really room for the plastic drawers I had them in so I pulled out some pickle jars--the honey hates that I save all our pickle jars and stash them in spare cupboard corners, but they do come in handy (and he does love that I didn't buy new jars). So they fit on the little edge at the top perfectly. But they kinda looked hodge podgey. They needed labels! I printed these on PAPER not cardstock and ran them through my Xyron machine with permanent adhesive in it (sticker making stuff). If you don't have one you could spray adhesive the back, use double stick tape, or print on adhesive backed label type paper. Either way the worst part is cutting them out by hand, and that's really not too bad. If you don't want to deal with the curves just cut them out square :)

Yep, the markers have a lid on them . . . the buddy is good about being safe with scissors but the lure of sharpie markers knows no bounds!


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Alicia Smith said...

What a cute desk! And free to, that's even better! I like the stickers. They do tie all the different jars together nicely. I wish I could come and visit your home, I bet it is so cute!


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