Monday, November 15, 2010

sneak peek: laminator

So, whenever I right "sneak peek" I always seem to write it sneek peak and then I have to go back and change it. But sneek just seems more sneaky with two ee's rather than an a doesn't it? Or maybe I just think too much about weird stuff.

Anyway, I really like my laminator. It's not a hot laminator, and it's not a big one, but it's fast and easy, and fairly inexpensive. It's the xyron 5" creative station, not to be confused with the sticker maker. It has cartridges that change-this is the double sided laminate. I also have the permanent adhesive (it turns anything under 1/16"  thick (roughly) into a sticker). I really need to get the magnet/laminate one. It laminates on one side and puts a magnet on the other.
Anyway, you just stick things into the front and crank the side arm thing around and out comes your stuff on the back. The best part is it doesn't require a plug or batteries. It just uses pressure. Anyway, I found it's very useful. The only downers is that the laminate isn't very heavy, when I cut things apart it can make my scissors a little sticky, it's max width is five inches across, and the laminate is very slick and doesn't adhere well to things (esp. a hot glue gun-peels right off). But I still love it and use it all the time. It's perfect for flashcards and things the little buddy is going to play with.

and no, I wasn't paid to say this . . .

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Christine Bell said...

I love your blog! You are so talented. I enjoy seeing what you've made. Have you heard of the Silhouette SD Machine? It's amazing. I bet you would love it. It cuts vinyl, cardstock, paper...and those are the things I've cut on it so far. But you design things on the computer and the machine cuts it. You don't have to buy expensive cartridges. You can buy cheap designs from the Silhouette website if you want, or download any free image off the web and use it. I LOVE IT!


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