Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tutorial: Star Paper Notes

A cute little package . . .

an eye catching presence . . .

*this one was made folding the white side in in step 2 and out in step 3 (opposite of pix)

and you can write in it!

I can't remember where I learned how to make these. But they are pretty cool, and fun for sending notes, or even hanging up as decorations. And fairly easy to make.

With Valentines coming up I thought it would be a fun tutorial:

*this one was made folding the white side out in step 2 and in in step 3-like the pictures show

First a little note: I'm a very visual learner. A lot of tutorials I just look at the pictures and know how to make it-I don't need to read it. (although a lot of times I wish later I had).  I'm not very good at explaining with words what to do.So, first, I'm sorry I'm bad at explaining, and second, you might want to read through the whole thing before starting.


*Colored/scrapbooking PAPER. (the creases are usually ugly and big with cardstock)
*2-3 foot piece of ribbon/string
*chipboard (I like to use the backs of note books if there fairly stiff-or the back board of a stack of scrapbooking paper)
*Glue ( I use a glue stick because it's not too wet and won't curl your paper-but whatever you want).

optional, but nice:

paper trimmer
bone folder

1. Trim your paper to 5 inches square. (Or 6 if you want it a little bigger-and then you can just cut a 12x12 piece of scrapbooking paper in fourths.) You will need at least 5 sheets to make it big enough to open-but don't do more than 7 or it won't show all the pages open.

I did 6 different colors (I have more paper here because I made a few stars)

2. Fold each sheet in half open, and then fold in half the other direction.  *important. (If you want the colored side to be on the edges instead of in the middle fold it so the color is on the outside for these two folds--see pictures at beginning of post)

so it look like this (Use a bone folder for nice and easy creases).

3. Open it up and fold corner to corner the opposite way (if you've been folding with the colored part in-like the pictures-then fold this one with the colored part out).

This is what it should look like now:

4. line them up and glue the backs together really you are just stacking them on top of each other and gluing facing sides.

I like to keep them folded while you glue so that you only get glue on the part you are gluing.

after I stick them together I open it up and rub the glued part with a bone folder to adhere it well.

Once you've glued them all together it should look like this (they don't like to stay folded shut):

and this:

5. Cut 2 chipboard pieces 1/2 the size of your original page dimensions. So if you cut 5 inch squares for your paper, cut 2 1/2 inch squares for your chipboard.

 6. Cut another piece of scrapbooking paper 1 inch larger than your chipboard. (3 1/2 inches if your going with my measurements).
7. Cover the chipboard with glue and put it in the center of your paper like so: And then cut the edges off with scissors (I just eyeballed it).

8. Glue each side and fold in: like so: Repeat with your other piece of chipboard and paper.

9. Fold your ribbon in half and pinch to find the center.  Put the center on one of the corners of your chipboard and glue in place. Glue your other square and put it about 1/4 inch away with the center pinch of your ribbon in between the two squares.

10. Glue the two empty backs of your paper to the  inside of your chipboard rub down with your bone folder. When it's folded together it should look like this:

Tie a little bow and wala: you are done. Open it up and flatten one of the insides to write a special little note. 


Kristy said...

Oh I love it ! Perfect project for my granddaughter and I today. We are snowed in after yesterdays blizzard here. Need something to keep us both busy ! Perfect timing !! Thank you tons for this fun project !!

*EVANS FAM* said...

awesome tutorial laur! i love it. I am going to make some. so darn cute. thanks said...

That is really pretty! What a fun project- especially for mailing! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.


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