Tuesday, February 1, 2011

heart garland

Do you ever have ideas find you? This garland was one of them. I wanted some simple valentine decor-a little something with a big punch and then there it was. I could see little hearts all strung together with a little string hanging in my mind. Lots of rows back and forth. So I started cutting out hearts from scrapbook paper. For an hour or two. . . Then I sewed them all together with an old needle in the machine and red thread. Pretty simple.

Only downer? It's really easy to get 16 feet or so of garland tangled. Oh, and make sure you sew towards the top of the bumps on the heart so the hearts  don't hang upside down ;)

Yeah, they still need a little work hanging just right-maybe not quite so swoopy? But we ACTUALLY had the sun come out of the clouds for a little bit so I could take semi-decent pictures in the darkest corner of our apartment!

**Tomorrow I hope to have a tutorial for you on star paper notes. The plan was to have it up for you yesterday, but, well, things keep coming up. Tomorrow!


Katie said...

Super cute! And cute new blog design too!

Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust said...

How darling. I love all these Valentines ideas. Enjoying my visit to your blog.

Warmly, Michelle


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