Friday, January 7, 2011

Freebie Friday- Track It!

Goals are important. So are sticker charts! I think they are great for bribing kids, focusing on the positive and keeping track of goals!

Here are two different sticker charts. We've been using a slightly altered sticker chart for the buddy for probably 8 months now (it has a personalized header that says the "buddy" is a good listener). It's been very helpful.

This first chart entitled "Sticker Chart" (I'm a creative genius, I know) has 10 rows of 10 squares for one broad goal or incentive. Great for children, or focusing in on one thing to make it a habit.

The second one, entitled "The Chart" (also genius)is geared to several (6) different items all at once each with one row of 10 squares. Great for a list of goals, or as a chore/responsibility chart for the kids, or whatever you're working towards and want to reward yourself for.

I need one to motivate me too. Never to old for a sticker chart! My top 3 goals?

1. Believe. Spend more time coming closer to my Savior and getting to know him personally.

2. Focus on helping the kids grow (aka-get the buddy potty trained, and the sweetie to sleep in her own bed all night long-among other things).

3. Spend less time on the computer-yes that means blogging. It's easy for me to get into the bad habit of crafting to blog about it instead of crafting for fun or as a useful endeavor. I want to keep the balance of crafting as part of my life, and blogging as a way to document it. I also want more mental time spent enjoying the moment and day rather than planning blogs or crafts in my head. Alas. I'm going to try not to blog more than three times a week, one of which will be the freebie friday. that's a doable realistic amount for me, without feeling like I'm crafting to blog.

What's on your list?


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

I LOVE this!! It's perfect for my kids..I need to get on the ball & print these!

Thank you!!

Katie said...

This is great! Thank you! And I love how generic it is. I may or may not be printing some off for me to use. :) Happy Friday! And best of luck with your good goals!

Jill said...

thanks so much!

victim of MoMnesia said...

i'm so inspired & impressed! I LOVE your last goal. I'm hoping to stick to that goal as well.

Thank you! love your blog btw! said...

I love these, I'm going to use this myself! I'll be linking as well, thanks tons!

Maria said...

I was just thinking I totally need a sticker chart for some of the kids that I work with. This is perfect. Thanks!


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