Friday, August 7, 2009

reversible apron

I finished this reversible apron today. As soon as I saw the lemon printed fabric I knew I wanted an apron out of it. That rarely happens with me and fabric. I was with my mother at the time, and that sweet woman bought it for me. As I was thinking about it I decided a green stripe would be a perfect compliment, and wala, a few weeks earlier I had gotten this green striped pillowcase while thrifting. I was so happy to get started without having to go shopping. I'm always spilling on myself, I'm tempted to wear it all day. . .


Alicia Smith said...

Cute apron! I like the lemons, and I think it's fun you've developed this fetish over them since becoming one :) How did you like the patron you used? I think that is a fun idea to have it reversible, I'm just wondering would it be easier to make one reversible apron, or two that are non reversible?

Alicia Smith said...

patron is also known as pattern, forgive my accent :)


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