Wednesday, August 12, 2009

etsy here I come . . .

So I've been wrestling with opening an etsy shop ever since I found out about it, over a year ago. I have many excuses for not starting one: It would take too much time, I would spend my time thinking about that instead of my little boy, I don't have anything to sell. But the real culprit is simply that I don't think I could sell anything. I'm afraid nobody else would want my stuff and I would put all that work into it for nothing. So I suppose I have put it off for a year for fear of failure. But, thanks to Candace's nudges over at Sparkle Power, I have finally decided to get creative and just do it. The more I think about it the more ideas I have, and yes, today my poor little boy was neglected. But he got to watch lots of great movies. We'll try not to do it again. It may still be a week or two before it opens, but here is a preview of one of the things I would like to put in the shop as a print (I'm still looking for a printer):

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Shay said...

Lauralee, I had no idea you had this cute blog. You are so amazing and creative!! Candace is right, you should have a shop. Gor for it girl!! Your apron is so cute and I love your flash cards, I cannot believe that you made those with the box, that's what I am talking about, you are amazing.


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