Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This is the buddy's quilt I'm hoping to finish in time for his birthday in a couple weeks. I started it way back here, and am finally buckling down. Deadlines help with the whole finishing something business.

I actually don't really like sewing. I liked it at 4 when I had my own mini sewing machine and would sit and sew scraps together to make barbie quilts sitting by mom who was sewing on her real machine. And it even came in nifty in home ec when I already knew how to sew. Easy A. And I still really love the products that are produced from sewing. But I just don't like the actual sewing part. The running the fabric underneath the whirling needle part, oh, and the ironing part. So monotonous, so tedious, yet so much attention to detail required. It's hard for my ADD brain to stay focused (no, I haven't actually been diagnosed with ADD, but since both my parents have it, it's a safe bet).  But, I keep at it. I keep coming up with projects. I keep seeing things and saying "oh, that would be so much easier/cheaper/cuter if I did it like this . . . " And then I find myself back at the sewing machine trying to keep myself from losing interest before it's done. I guess it's a love/hate relationship. I love the freedom of knowing how to sew and being able to do something, and so I guess I love creating the ideas in my mind and seeing the finished product. Those are the fun parts. The coming up with a creation, and the finished piece. Maybe that's true with life too though. Some times the daily grind is really monotonous, but the plans and goals, and the accomplishment of those is so very exhilarating and fulfilling. 


*EVANS FAM* said...

love it laur! true story, I hate sewing too, but i love the end product as well. I hate all the issues that sewing machines bring as well, like when the needle decides to break on you, or the thread decides to get all knotted up in the machine etc. Yes, alas, I hate ironing too, jake wishes i didn't so much so his shirts would look nicer though hehe. Love the quilt, looking awesome!

Audrey said...

Well said, Laur. I like the sewing-to-life analogy. How true.


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