Friday, February 3, 2012

Freebie Friday Repost: Valentines Printables

Enjoy some past fun Valentine Printables! I've determined it's time to start removing past printables and only keep up the last couple of freebies. So start downloading them while you can!

Here is one way to use the Valentine Simple Cards. Click to find lots more ideas.

Catch up quick and do a 14 days of I love you with these Valentine Notes. Or make a chain card or banner to hang up on Valentines Day.

 These Valentine Toppers are great for cupcakes, but also make a nice seal or tag on a valentine package too!

Personalize this Valentine Box with meaningful trinkets or candies. Not too big at 2 inches square, but perfect for a little something to share.


Teresa said...

Is there any chance you'd reconsider removing past printables? I just found my way to your blog and added it to my bookmarks because I LOVE your lovely printables. For those of us with crafty aspirations beyond our skills, your printables are an amazing resource. Please don't take them away. Thank you.

Lauralee said...

Hey Teresa! thanks for your very thoughtful compliments. I plan on making most of them available, I'm just going to move them to my etsy shop. Don't worry, as you can see, it won't be very quickly!


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