Monday, January 30, 2012

weekend prep

This may be a little, or a lot, random and completely not on topic, but it is what I did this weekend. We put 1700 lbs of hard white wheat into 6 gallon food grade buckets with lots of oxygen packs to take out all the air. We, being me, my mom, the hunny, and my bro. It only took us about an hour to fill 34 buckets.  

And why, you ask, in the heck were we doing that? Well, for lots of reasons. My mom found a great deal on wheat, say $20 for 50 lbs. And we're both trying to add more whole wheat to our diet. But, these weren't just for my mom and I and that's only part of why we were doing it. We were also doing it to be prepared. Food Storage you know. Not because I'm a conspiracy theorist or because I think 2012 is going to be the end of the world, but because you never know what might happen-not just with the world but with us. What if the hunny lost his job? It sure would be nice to have a little back up food around until we got back on our feet. Anyway, so the buckets got divided out 6 ways and I'm happy to have a little extra wheat on hand :) Random, yes. Reassuring too :)


Mika said...

I enjoyed your random post actually! And I've never seen how they do the "wheat thing".
So the question is, do you have a grinder? :)

Lauralee said...

hi Mika! No I don't have a grinder yet so I go down to my mom's and use hers. I'm want an expensive one so I'm still saving up!


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