Wednesday, November 2, 2011

coming soon . . .

So I've got some exciting news . . . I'm finished with my Animal Letter Posters. I drew every letter but X (by hand with my mouse). As soon as I take decent pictures I can start putting them up on etsy. But here's the thing. I'm thinking about doing printed posters, not printable posters. I need your input.

Next week I will be a giving away an animal letter poster of your choice. If you comment on this post you will get another entry into next weeks giveaway. Comment letting me know if you would rather buy a printable poster you can print over and over again, or one printed poster (they would be the same price + shipping).



Audrey said...

I'd probably rather have a printable one.

Alicia Smith said...

exciting! I can't wait to see them all. I would prefer printed ones. Because our printer only prints grays and black (Not as cool).

miamihoney said...

These look fantastic! I would like the printed ones- my color printer is too fickle since I tried to print on fabric, hee, hee.


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