Tuesday, October 11, 2011

monster making

Saturday is our first Halloween party. We have a few this year, and I'm so excited because I have been planning our costumes for months now. Yup, I'm still sewing them. Yesterday I was working on the neon green velour pants for the hunny (yes, my mother tells me he's amazing because he's willing to go along with my hairbrained costumes). I didn't really have enough fabric left to make them, but thought, heck, I'll just make them a little skinnier than I planned and they'll fit, right? WRONG. Rather, they fit me great. But I'm 5'1" and the hunny is 6'1" and I could barely get them around my thighs . . . . well, we had a really good belly laugh when he got home from work and he tried them on (after I ripped out the seam through the thighs). Oh man, if only he would have let me take a picture! So, we tried them on his arms and other than being a little baggy around his wrists, they fit perfectly! Good thing we need sleeves too huh! So the adventures continue . . . I'm making all our costumes except the Buddy's. His I just didn't think I could find the right fabric for it . . . But other than a few minor details the sweeties purple costume is done. Hopefully I'll be done with mine and the hunny's by Saturday!

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joolee said...

these costumes look familiar...we were thinking of all being monsters too! my daughter's name is Celia and she's wanted to be Celia with snakes in her hair for a LONG time now. :) we'll see what pans out...i'd love to see how yours turn out!


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