Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thrift Store Scores

My husband says I'm addicted I'm pretty sure I'm not!  So I've been avoiding the thrift store, trying to save a little you know. But I do have a hard time saying no at the thrift store ;)  But, I have to say these are basically my two scores: a cake stand with that gorgeous scalloped edge ($3) and a square yellow pyrex bowl ($2). Now I need to bake a cake!

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Marisa said...

Ooh, that scalloped edge is gorgeous! I could easily have a collection of cake plates, but how to store them in such a tiny house? It's not like they nest. I suppose they could stack. . .

And I had no idea I loved vintage Pyrex until I saw some at an antique fair. I just have to decide which pattern I want to collect.

Fun finds!


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