Friday, September 23, 2011

Freebie Friday: Personalized Labels

So I was privileged to be a guest poster on Meremade for her back to school month, which is still going on so head on over and get some more great ideas! Here is my contribution:

 I may have a small obsession with labels :) But when it comes to school supplies, can you really have too many labels? I don't think so either, especially fun printed and personalized-for-you labels.

Today that's what I'm sharing--some free printable Personalized Labels. The beauty of these downloadable labels is you only have to type in the name once and it fills out all the labels on the page! So nifty! (Or annoying if you wanted them all to be different . . . alas).  I say some because there are a few color choices for you to choose from. Color is important, right?

Okay, so the options are (click to download):

They all have the same font with light grey outlines around them. Those are the cutting guidlines. If you have a paper cutter you will be happy :) If not it won't be too bad!

So my mini tutorial is simple:

What you'll need:

Printer Paper
paper cutter (optional)
Packaging Tape

Stuff to label---lots of it!

1. Download the Labels of your choice. Open them up in adobe reader and click on a yellow box inside one of the labels. Type in the name of your choice. Push enter and watch as all the labels are magically filled in for you! Print out on plain old regular printer paper (don't worry the yellow highlights won't print).

2. Cut out with scissors or a paper cutter. Even if using a paper cutter you may need to cut a little bit with scissors since some of the lines don't go straight through from one edge of the paper to the other.

3.  Pull out the packaging Tape and get taping!  I cut my tape with scissors so it would have smooth edges instead of the jagged ones made by an included cutter.

4. Make sure the packaging tape goes over on all edges. We don't want any water getting underneath because you probably printed on an ink jet printer and they bleed if water touches them (which is a good reason not to print on the letter size sticker paper--kudos for being cheap).

5. The flag labels are the ones with the small writing on both ends. I put them on my scissors.  I used a peice of double stick tape to stick the two flags together as well as the packaging tape on the outside (I didn't bother to do that with the flat ones). It's also a little bit tricky to get the tape through the scissor handle without getting it stuck. But once you do, CAREFULLY fold the pointy tips together first and then stick the rest of the tape down towards the handle. I had to clip the tape at the handle to make it fit a bit better, but it's really up to you.

If you are more into practical stuff  than fun flags, I might just tape a little label onto the side of the scissors . . . if you're boring (have I discouraged you enough yet, hee hee!)

6. For the crayons I didn't want huge pieces of packaging tape on my crayons so I cut a piece of tape the width of my tiny labels and then cut that in thirds and used all three pieces for three different crayons.

Anyway,  you get the idea. Not too tricky. Now all your stuff has pretty personalized labels that were fairly fast, and hopefully super cheap and everything is so organized right? Hah. Good luck finding the time to do it!

Happy labeling!


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

These are so cute! Thanks for sharing.

bintang_zue said...

I really love it, I used them everywhere!! Thanks..

Soledad Carmona said...

You can't download it! It says it's not available anymore :(


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