Friday, September 30, 2011

Freebie Friday Bat Man shirt Pattern

In truth I wanted to do spiderman. The buddy has been finding spiders for me to kill, and then cleaning up the remains with tissue paper and then calling himself "spider man." This needed a spider killer shirt. But the buddy said, no, I want BATMAN! But I didn't want Batman. I wanted a spiderman shirt. Well, sometimes I have to remind myself that with unimportant things it doesn't matter what I want. (As a side note, I'm not super big on the super hero craze he's got going. I'm doing my best to discourage the four year old. FOUR. He's got years to enjoy them. But isn't he a little young? I think so.) Anyway, my evil plan was to put the bat in between the words BAT and MAN it wouldn't be so overly batman. right? Did it work?

Here's the simple tutorial:

fabric-black, purple (whatever colors you want)
heat 'n bond (found in the sewing notions section I think)

Print out the "Bat Man Shirt" pattern. Cut out around each of the words and the bat.

Use your cut out paper patterns as a guide. Cut out three same sized peices of heat 'n bond.

Place the bumpy  (not paper) side of the heat 'n bond on to the back side of the fabric of your choice, iron on following the heat 'n bond instructions.

Cut out the bat and words-on the lines. I cut through the B and the A's so I could cut out the inside part as shown.

And use as a stencil of sorts. Draw around the words on the heat 'n bond. Make sure you turn the letters around backwards so that they will be the right way when you flip the fabric over.

 Cut out the fabric backed with heat 'n bond and peel off the paper. 

Position words on your shirt, and iron on

Wala. ..

Show it off!! enjoy!


Marisa said...

very cute!

jeanine said...

super cute!

ps. As a mom of 4 boys you may as well embrace the super heroes! My 2 year old even loves them. If nothing else they recognize good guys and bad guys... and that good always wins.

sara said...

Don't discourage him. He's a BOY! They are hard wired differently than we are. I should know, I'm raising three superheros of my own. :) I too felt the same way when my oldest started getting into them, until my husband gave me some insight on males (which I don't really relate to, cause it is a completely foreign world to me.)

I ask you this question, would you even think of discouraging your daughter from playing house, kithen, princess dress up, fairy tales of marrying a prince charming, etc at age four? If I had a girl, I wouldn't even think of discouraging it. Because I get it. I get what it is like to be a girl and pretend about those things. That makes sense to me.

I feel like I live in a foreign world, surrounded by all these males. But, I have come to appreciate that just because I don't undestand it, I should still encourage it. He is pretending to be a hero, fighting the bad guys, protecting those who can't protect themselves, saving the day. Those traits are good traits to have. Those are traits I would love for my boys to have when they are adult men.

Our world puts down the natural male traits so much, then we wonder why 20 or 30 something boys don't want to step up to be men and take care of their familes.

I say encourage him.

I love and honor my little superheros. Especially the big superhero (their dad) who is leading the way to "save the world from danger"! :)

He looks adorable, btw! Miss you guys!!!

jeanine said...

a big AMEN to everything Sara said!


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