Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First day of Joy School

The Buddy started joy school yesterday. He LOVED it! Couldn't stop talking about it all day. . . "We did singing" . . . "I liked the joy fish!" . . . "I know pokey bear." . . . "I didn't want to stop playing duck duck goose!"  It was so fun to hear him talk about it, especially since we did the first day at our house so I knew what he was talking about. He had a spill of words when his daddy came home and showed him his melted crayon art project. We had so many crayon "crumbs" left over that we did a bunch more after the other kids went home. I thought this one turned out so cool. Don't you think it looks like a bird?

They were really easy to do. We just shaved crayons with a paring knife and then folded a piece of printer paper in half and sprinkled the crayons inside, put a bunch of newsprint on top and melted it with the iron.Then open it up quickly before the crayon dries. It would be fun to do with fall colors in mind as fall decorations. Turn them into garland or place mats or whatever.

Also, quick reminder that Thursday night I will be announcing our giveaway winner! Last chance to enter!


Saphira said...

for me its looking like a little girl with green hairs and green arm with two balls :)

Mika said... kind of looks like a umpa lumpa with a red beard.

Really glad the first day went well.


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