Monday, August 8, 2011

ABC Posters Discount & Old Files


So here's the deal. I've been getting lots of emails with people wanting my old files-most of which aren't linked up anymore. Here's why: All my old files I hosted through google groups. They've discontinued that service, and so none of the links work. I'm slowly working to re-upload them to scribd and relink them all. Hopefully I will get them done soon. So far I've uploaded all my striped birthday freebies, the dinosaur shapes, and my menu planner. So if you've been wanting a file that isn't working, you can either wait until I can get it uploaded to scribd, or you can email me and I will email you the file! Happy printing!

On to more exciting news:

My latest project, one that I'm very excited about,  my ABC posters that I've added to my shop. I'm still in the designing (aka drawing them free hand on the computer) works, but have finished A-G. Aren't they fun? I'm excited to put some of them up in my own kids rooms. I can see them in a nursery or playroom too! What about to spell out a word? fun fun. Over the next few weeks I will be adding the rest of the alphabet. I'm considering also adding a printed version, comment if you would be interested in that option. It would probably be a little cheaper.

The idea stemmed from wanting to make a funner flashcard set, but there are so many flashcard sets out there, including my own! But OH how I love letters, type and design-the three mixed together just make me want to jump up and down. So, I keep coming back to it. Anyway, in honor of this latest project there will be a 20% off discount code for the next two weeks at my shop. Just type in  ABC0811  in the coupon code box at check out! Happy shopping!

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