Friday, March 11, 2011

Freebie Friday: Gold Coins

The little buddy loves this pirate book we got from the library. The line that is used over and over and over is "where there's a gold I be goin'." But alas, when we play pirates we were fresh out of gold. When I was at Joann's this week I saw those plastic gold coins and almost picked some up. But, then I figured I could make some for free, and since I'm trying to cut out all those cheap little things that we end up throwing away eventually I figured that this was the way to go.

Get the gold "coins" here. (I made six by gluing them back to back and then laminated them).

I also thought they could be really cute as a cupcake topper with a chocolate cupcake made into a "pot" with the little gold coin sticking up. Kinda fun. Anyway, enjoy!


Kristy said...

Where do you download this? Confused !! Sorry !!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

These are a great alternative to the plastic coins (or chocolate ones)!
Thank you for sharing!

Holly said...

Thanks Lauralee. My little boys loved these! They're sneaking around our house like leprechauns (thanks to a fun primary activity) doing little acts of service and are leaving one of your cute gold coins behind. These were just perfect! Thanks again!


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