Tuesday, December 14, 2010

already tuesday?

This month is seriously flying by. Sorry about the lack of posts.  Some easy fleece hats we made yesterday with monograms. I used this Martha Stewart tutorial, which I must say was more confusing than helpful. But it gave measurements and that's mostly what I needed anyway. The little buddy helped me paint on the monograms (we just used acrylic paint)-the gifts are from him after all. If I'd had freezer paper like I thought I had it would have been more helpful. I planned to do freezer paper stencils, but when I pulled out the freezer paper I realized I'd bought parchment paper instead. Alas. I hot glue gunned them on-letting the glue dry for a few second before pressing it on. It didn't work great-some parts were all the way cool and didn't stick, other parts were too hot and I had to cut them off with my exacto knife. But, they're alright, and the little buddy loves his! I used grenouille font in caps at 400 pt in word-made them outlines and cut them out-which, again would have been perfect as a freezer paper stencil. 

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