Tuesday, November 9, 2010

lots of turkeys

I bought this turkey a couple weeks ago with the little buddy. He was so excited to show daddy the "bird." So we had a little talk about what  a turkey is. Since then he seems to really like turkeys. So, we've made lots!

 A thankful turkey, as seen here at Preschool Daze.

 One, that he was suppose to decorate his hand prints with markers. He wasn't into crafting this day . . .

 And this one using an egg carton section painted, with feather stuck in a peice of clay on the back. He really liked painting the egg carton. I think that was his favorite part. So much so, that I'd left to take care of the little sweetie, and the little buddy made this bottom turkey all by himself (he ripped a peice of the egg carton off): I love it! If I'd had orange pipe cleaners hanging around we would have added those sticking out the front. . .

There's some serious googly eye love going on over here . . . could you tell?

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Tabitha said...

Love crafts by the little ones. Thanks for sharing and I have to tell you, I got that book "Home, Paper, Scissors" I was looking through it last night with my daughter and there are so many projects I can't wait to start. Thanks for showing your mobile, that is what caught my interest.


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