Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fabric Envelope for Lace up Dolls Tutorial

I made this fabric doll envelope specifically for storing your lace up dolls when not in use. A package of lace up dolls with fabric envelope would make a fun Christmas present for someone special too . . . When finished the envelope roughly measures 6 x 8 inches.

*I may also be posting 4 more winter outfits for the lace up dolls in the near future . . .

What you need:

Envelope Template (click to download)
1 thicker weight fabric for outside (I used an old pair of khaki slacks) at least 14 inches square
1 cotton weight fabric for lining (cheap walmart fabric)
1 inch piece of velcro (male and female)
sewing supplies

1. Print out and put together envelope template following instructions in pdf. 

2. Using envelope template, pin and cut out one envelope from each fabric.

3. Find center of flap by fold lining in half and crease on top "blue" flap (outline color of template)  Place velcro across crease and 1/2 inch from edge. Pin and sew down.

4. With right sides together, pin together. (It appears that my right sides aren't together-they really are, it's just such low quality fabric that the print shows thru almost as good on the wrong side). Start sewing on the long flap (purple) where my finger is with 3/8 inch seam allowance. (This is an out of the way spot that is straight, not curved). Remember to leave an inch or two opening to turn it right side out.

5. Clip curves and corners

6. Turn right side out. I used the flat end of a skewer and ran it along all the edges. Iron edges. You'll notice a little picture on the opposite side. *See notes at bottom for explanation.

7. Fold up flaps starting with orange, then purple, then blue. Pin in place and hand stitch shut taking care not to sew all the way to the back (You want to be able to open the envelope when you're done)

8. Fold down top and determine location of second peice of velcro. Pin and sew, again taking care not to sew back two layers. (this is kind of tricky-but you can do it.)

9. Sew a button on top so you know which end opens.

*note: I wanted a label on mine. So, I stretched a piece of cotton tight and taped it to a letter size sheet and then printed out a little label on the computer onto the "fabric." It isn't super clear and it kind of printed wiggly, but it's okay. After doing so, I realized you can buy printable fabric. Alas.
I just sewed it to the right side of the outer fabric before sewing them together. If you're interested in having a label let me know.


SimplyMontessori said...

This is great!!
I just included your lace up dolls in a recent posting here:

I'll be checking back to see if you add outfits, the dolls are so cute!!

Adela said...

I am enjoying your site, just discovered it! I know two little ladies who will adore the lace up dolls. I love that they will have an envelope for safe keeping.
Thank you for sharing.
Would you ever consider making the lace up dolls of varies ethnic backgrounds/skin tones?

yellowmum said...


I seriously considered making these with a different ethnicity. But I wanted them to match the first set for those who didn't want to make a new doll and just wanted the clothes. I will seriously consider it for the future either here or in my etsy shop.

victim of MoMnesia said...

LOVE your site! I'm looking forward to the day you do dress up boy dolls!

thank you for the downloads & templates!


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