Friday, August 6, 2010

FF-Striped Birthday Invitations

In honor of a little sweeties approaching birth, and because who doesn't need some birthday printables-August will be dedicated to striped birthday printables. I've tried to make them gender neutral, and age neutral, as much as possible so anyone can use them. Hopefully I succeeded.

This friday we will start with a striped birthday invitation. Two 5x7 invitations on an a letter size sheet. (I think it would be fun to put a number sticker centered at the bottom of the invite on the stripes indicating the birthday person's age-or something similar to make it a little more personalized). Enjoy!

You can now find this printable as part of the Primary Colors Package in my etsy shop by clicking Here.

a little preview of what's to come . . .

I've also put an airplane birthday invitation up in my etsy shop to coordinate with the cupcake toppers there. More to come soon!


Presley family said...

I just came across you site and can I just say that I LOVE it!! You are too cute and so are your free downloads.
BIG HUGS!! said...

That's so cute! Thanks so much for the invite, I'll be linking.


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