Friday, August 20, 2010

FF-Striped Birthday Dots

These striped birthday dots spell out HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know they aren't striped, but they coordinate with our striped birthday theme going on, hence the name.

Punch them out with a 2 inch hole punch and glue or tape them to a fabric or paper banner. This is how I did it for the little buddies birthday. I just cut triangles out of scrapbooking paper and hot glued a ribbon across the top. A scalloped banner would be really fun too. I would recommend using red and light blue paper to match the color scheme. Why didn't I just make it a printable banner triangles? Mostly to save on printer ink. I hate using tons of printer ink-it quickly becomes more economical to just buy scrapbooking paper on sale. Of course the birthday dots can be used however you want.

You can now find this as part of the Primary Colors Birthday Package available in my etsy shop by clicking here.



Abe and Amberly said...

Thanks Lauralee! I love this birthday ideas and Katelyn's Bday is just around the corner! :) So cute!

jill said...



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