Monday, July 19, 2010

blessing dress

This is my blessing dress. My mom made it. She also made my wedding dress. (someday maybe I'll post a picture). She's amazing. With the sweet little ones arrival fast approaching I'm thinking about blessing dresses. Should I make one? Should I buy one? Should I find a vintage one at the thrift store? Or should I just use mine? It is starting to yellow at the top a bit, I need to to do something about that. I just am feeling indecisive about the whole thing. Any suggestions?


Tiffany said...

I think you should make one!

*EVANS FAM* said...

good question. im still undecided with my girls too. I wanted to use mine with brooklynn but alas the dress is yellowed, and i think i am going to get a new one so she can have her own and take it with her when she gets older. I don't know if i will buy one or have it made. We will c.

Sarah said...

I know the big day is over but I thought I'd share a pearl my Grandmother shared with me regarding old yellowed clothing - you can use it on yard sale or thrifted items, too.

Launder the item like normal, same detergent, nothing special. Then lay the item outside in the grass in the morning. The sun will bleach it naturally. She does this. I have not found an occasion to try it but keep the advice under my hat.


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