Wednesday, June 9, 2010

dinosaur hooded towel

I've been on a bit of sewing streak lately-and a lot of it has been for "little sister" as we affectionately call her. (The name debate goes on). I just have endless ideas for sweet baby girl sewing projects, and a few less for active toddler boys who are content with their dinosaurs and cars. But I didn't want the little buddy to feel left out and he really has been needing a hooded towel! I used this online tutorial and added eyes and big sharp teeth. (It probably looks more like a scary frog or a crocodile-but we're calling it a T-rex.) I only wish I would have gotten pictures of him chasing daddy around the house growling. He dived on top of him and wouldn't get off growling and roaring all the while. I'm glad he likes it.

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