Wednesday, June 2, 2010

jersey dress

My first ever maternity dress is finished. I've been looking for a jersey dress that fit ME, wasn't too short, the shoulders weren't too big, didn't hang funny, but that was comfy. I just couldn't find one. So I decided my best chance of getting what I wanted was to make myself a dress. It took a bit of unpicking, but without a pattern I think it turned out alright. I used a white and brown shirt for the top part-cutting and sewing them together-and then an extra large shirt I found on clearance last year for a dollar for the bottom. The bottom part of the white shirt that I cut off I used to make rosettes on the dress. I found a great tutorial for them here. They aren't actually for a dress though so I tweaked them just a bit.


Alicia Smith said...

How cute! So I can't tell from the picture... is the bottom part made out of jersey too? I'm always afraid my seams will pop with knits, so I've steered clear of it in the past. But this makes me excited to give them a try. How did you accomodate for the stretch of the fabric?

Lauralee said...

Yeah, the bottom is made out of jersey too-I was worried about my seams popping too-so I used a zigzag stitch. Just make sure your stitch length is fairly small so that it still makes a nice seam. Also, a straight stitch shouldn't be a problem if it's in an area that not going to be stretching a lot.


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