Saturday, February 6, 2010

drawing again

three stages of the drawing

Drawing is a bit therapeutic for me. I always tell myself I'm too tired to do it, but it is energizing when I go ahead and do it anyway. I've been working on this little piece for my little sister at her request. But doing it reminded me how much I love the design aspect of drawing. It's not just about replicating what you see, it's about making it better-designing each shape and making the whole work together. Especially because graphite simply doesn't have the value range of nature. You can't get a really dark black, and most paper isn't super white-so it's fun to work within those limits and make it a bit your own. I think I'm going to start doing some more drawing!

1 comment:

*EVANS FAM* said...

laur your so good! i love this picture you drew! i wish i spent more time drawing so i could get as good as you :)


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