Wednesday, October 21, 2009

train board

The other day my little buddy was playing trains with a friend. We have a little train track, but it was clearly not big enough for the two of them to both have long trains on it. I started thinking, especially because we have carpet instead of wood floors, that a board could be a pretty good surface to play on. I came up with this. It's a 2 foot square 1/8" thick particle board that I simply drew some tracks on with a black sharpie, modge-podged a few stations, some trees, a water filling station, and coal mine onto. Oh, and don't forget the helicopter landing pad. I tried to use scrapbook paper (versus cardstock) as much as possible because it will be harder for it to come dislodged. I think he may still be a little young for it, but we'll see. He doesn't really like that the "tracks" don't have a groove for his wheels to go in. Maybe it will become my train track . . .

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*EVANS FAM* said...

this is so freakin cute laur, i love it!


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