Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween Costumes

I love to create Halloween costumes . . . We make a family theme of it every year. I'm afraid this year may be the last year though. Our little buddy may have his own ideas next year. That will be fun too. But can you guess what it will be this year. . . I've been making hats!

2008 Mulan, a Hun, & Mushu

2007 Superman & his parents (ignore my scary smile)

2006 Kronk & Isma (from The Emperor's New Groove)


Alicia Smith said...

Such creative costumes. I had never seen the Superman one. I'm excited to see what this years turns out to be... I have a guess :)

*EVANS FAM* said...

oh my heck, this is amazing! i love it so much! i laughed so hard when i saw these costumes, u look just like Isma! how did you make Isma's hat? i want to be her!

Erin Black said...

I found your yzma and kronk pic on google. I was hoping to do the same thing for halloween this year. Would you mind sharing. I'm interested in how you made your hat and what kronk wore. my email is



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