Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ready made cards

I love making cards, but I decided to play around on the computer today designing some cards for myself. Here are my results, a few personalized cards that I can now print at a moments notice when I need them. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. The only thing I'm a little worried about is the lemons and limes. I just thought they were cute, is it too ironic that they are on the "thinking of you" and "just because" cards? Maybe I'm over thinking.


Alicia Smith said...

Are you worried they will think your calling them a lemon? I wouldn't have thought that. I would think there was a lemon on it because you are one ;). The cards are really cute. I especially like the L's. Do you think you'll make some for your etsy shop?

andrea said...

Lauralee! I love your blog and shop, and the name is perfect! Good for you to just go for it :) I'll spread the word!


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